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State & Local Government

Public sector clients face endless scrutiny from citizen customers concerned that government either does too little or spends too much. Meanwhile, cybersecurity and emergency response needs continue to weigh heavy on leaders. 2019 marked an escalation of attacks on the public sector including hospitals and utilities, leaving CIOs to wonder “Are we next? And could we quickly recover?”

Sivility Systems powers advanced digital capabilities to increase service and security capacity in customer friendly, budget-minded ways. Some examples:

  • Intelligent contact centers capable of handling massive volume surges in response to triggering events (pandemic-related unemployment benefits; large scale utility outages; public emergencies; etc.)
  • Elections security and pandemic-safe voting
  • Next-generation 911 featuring Vesta mapping, analytics and compatibility with smartwatches and smart cars
  • Remote, cloud-connected workspaces designed for elasticity and continuity if physical locations remain closed
  • Guidance on financing avenues and ways to maximize investment
  • Hands-on project implementation that frees in-house IT teams to focus on strategic concerns
  • Enterprise planning that prioritizes network segmentation, data center, voice initiatives and ongoing best practice technology optimization
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