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// Pre-sales support

Over 23 Years of Experience

in products and services

Sivility Systems offers 23 years in Solution Design and services to over 500 mid-size to large Enterprise customers in all 50 states. We cover over 200 manufacturers and 1M sku's. Whatever you're looking for we will source it for you.

Our Mission

To get you the solution you need based on industry best practices and your budget.

Fast, Efficient, and Accurate

Our goal is to get answers fast in the most efficient way possible without compromising the integrity of your solution.

// Our Services

What We Provide

Unprecedented presales and post-sales support for all of your networking, servers, storage, power, systems, and peripheral requirements. If you're needing to confirm a solution before ordering, please use our experts.

Desktops & Notebooks

Looking for the right desktop or mobile workstation? Our pre-sales support can narrow it down to the specific model that your team needs.

Servers & Storage

We provide pre-sales for all of the major MFR's including Lenovo, HPE, Cisco and Dell.

Data Capture, POS, Physical Security, Phone & Video

Looking to find the most affordable end-point solution for your business? We offer pre-sales support for data capturing, POS, physical security, phone and video solutions.

Power & Backup

We offer pre-sales for all of your power requirements under your desk or in the data center.

Software and Cloud Services

With the evolution of the cloud and the need to stay compliant with software, we've developed a comprehensive offering for software and cloud solutions.

Networking, Wireless & Security

We have knowledgeable engineers across several manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper, Aruba, Fortinet and more.

inventory in the warehouse

Get industry leading pre-sales support on products and updated inventory snapshots.

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