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Readying Your Organization’s Network for Modernization

To be ready for digital transformation, a network must be prepared to meet the demands of emerging technologies and services.

Scale and speed. Emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) will result in an increase in the number of endpoints. IT infrastructure must keep up with constantly changing applications, services and business processes.

Simplicity. As IT becomes more integrated with business models, IT teams need to simplify and automate network operations and lifecycle management to prevent wasting time with routine management tasks.

Cloud integration. Hybrid clouds and evolving cloud applications require a high level of network performance and bandwidth.

Security. An organization’s network is the first line of defense against emerging cybersecurity threats posed from increased mobile traffic, cloud storage and IoT technologies.

How to Build a Strong Network Infrastructure

To take advantage of emerging technologies, organizations need to invest in robust network bandwidth and fast cloud connections.

Enterprise Networking

Network management systems. Investing in a network management system is a key element in network optimization, application performance, reliability and operations staff productivity. A strong network can increase compatibility and support with emerging network services.

Assess. Check the health of your network and its underlying infrastructure, develop a strategy for what your organization wants to use the network for and then create a network roadmap.

Design. Consider the physical space available for equipment racks, power, cooling and wire runs required in each case when planning for installations or upgrades. 

Wireless strategy. Determine what kind of access points are needed, how many to deploy and where they should be placed. A strong wireless network will increase agility, efficiency, flexibility, security and network control.

The Importance of Future-Proofing Your Wireless Network

With the development of AI and IoT, it is imperative to invest in a strong wireless network infrastructure that can handle high-volume traffic and grow with your organization.

The Internet of Things. Beyond mobile devices and notebooks, an organization needs to build its wireless infrastructure to handle countless smart devices from printers to conference rooms.

Flexibility. A strong wireless network allows an organization to adapt to emerging technologies and service integrations.

Simplification. Installing a wireless network system reduces the need for problematic cables. A robust wireless network can reach beyond cables and allow for flexible access points, resulting in increased agility.

Scalability. You can custom configure wireless infrastructures to grow with your organization as the demand for bandwidth increases.

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