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Harness the scale and speed of cloud to drive digital transformation

We specialize in building cloud-based solutions that solve the most challenging problems today’s enterprises face. The more complex and technology-intensive your project, the more we like working on it. From discovery through implementation, we don’t just build your next generation cloud application, we also share the insights and strategies you need to make your software and services an ongoing success.

Our expert developers leverage proven frameworks and toolsets from hundreds of successful cloud development projects. Your cloud project will be designed and implemented by cloud computing experts behind many of the world’s most advanced cloud initiatives.

Cloud solutions

Accelerated, mission-driven journey to the cloud

Cloud migration of a single workload can be a disruptive exercise. After all, mission operations can’t be suspended while your application is being moved to a cloud-based infrastructure. Multiplied across a complex enterprise with hundreds or thousands of workloads, migration must be smart and precise, with readiness assessed from the code level to the workforce itself. 

A comprehensive approach to cloud migration enables an enterprise to make informed decisions along the migration journey and ensure the outcomes match the unique drivers, challenges, culture, and constraints of an organization. Sivility Systems helps clients navigate the myriad of choices, opportunities, and risks to develop an actionable roadmap for migration while quickly realizing the benefits of cloud computing.

Scalable, cloud-native cyber assurance

A security-first perspective means that cloud security is never bolted on. As a cyber trailblazer, Sivility Systems is trusted by leaders in civilian government, intelligence, defense, and Fortune 500 companies to ensure security is built in from the start—mitigating threats to cloud environments and ensuring compliance before anything is configured. 

Our comprehensive cloud security services harden and defend systems and data, identity and access—and provide continuous, automated security monitoring throughout the technology stack. We make it easy to integrate security with advanced management solutions so your team can focus less on infrastructure and more on your mission.

Flexible, mission-focused IT infrastructure

For today’s complex missions, leaders and their teams need powerful, flexible, no-fuss IT operations that they can trust to deliver capabilities when and where they’re needed, at scale. As a mission modernization partner for clients as diverse as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and, we operate and seamlessly connect historically disparate IT processes and environments for highly agile, reliable, and efficient outcomes.

Sivility Systems acquires, integrates, and manages the IT services, platforms, and products that are foundational to digital transformation. Our cloud experts provide end-to-end coverage: procurement of cloud services, storage and compute, maintenance, security, billing, and application onboarding.

Whether we’re streamlining cloud acquisition, ensuring around-the-clock security, or deploying common services across the organization, our comprehensive approach helps optimize infrastructure budgets and frees agency leaders, development teams, and partners to focus on what matters most—mission value. 

Architect and integrate your multicloud enterprise

Leaders in IT agree that their future-state cloud landscape depends on a holistic and integrated approach across multiple cloud environments. But “multicloud” means more than the existence of different clouds in an enterprise—such as multiple standalone infrastructures at the enterprise level or cloud-based applications and external services that primarily reside in one cloud service provider (CSP). 

Organizations are rapidly maturing their approach to multicloud architectural models, knowing that the next wave of innovation requires an enterprise, integrated strategy for cloud services that drive the mission. Sivility Systems enables organizations to synchronize and securely operate across private and commercial clouds, as-a-service platforms, and on-premises data centers to achieve an enterprise view and take full advantage of a robust set of infrastructures.

Cloud Platforms

We help secure, migrate, and implement workloads to essential as-a-service platforms that provide cloud capabilities for the spectrum of business and mission needs. From niche tools to enterprise operational providers such as Salesforce, Appian, and Microsoft, Sivility Systems helps you integrate and scale cloud platforms.

Extending the cloud to the mission

Sivility Systems edge cloud solutions extend mission-enhancing cloud capabilities to the distributed and disconnected edge. This paradigm means faster decentralized decision making for warfighters, first responders, medical professionals, health and safety inspectors, law enforcement, and researchers. Fueled by exponential growth in sensor-generated data and catalyzed by 5G and low-earth-orbit satellite communications, edge cloud solutions are here to transform the mission today. 

The power of edge cloud is transforming the modern mission with consistent cloud services and APIs across the entire cloud continuum. Instead of relying on connectivity or waiting for information from the operations center, it enables rapid access to data far beyond the centralized or connected IT network. Processing can happen at the point of data collection in the moments that matter most while leveraging the same applications and tools already in place in centralized enterprise clouds.