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Genuine Cisco Refresh

Are you experiencing long lead times when considering the purchase of new Cisco products?  Cisco Refresh is genuine pre-owned equipment that ships directly from Cisco after being fully remanufactured to like-new condition. These products are re-serialized with a new warranty, deeply discounted, and can be delivered in just 7 to 10 days.

What is Certified Remanufactured Equipment?

Certified Remanufactured equipment is pre-owned product that has had critical software and hardware upgrades made and has been thoroughly tested and retested to meet stringent manufacturers specifications. Certified Remanufactured equipment meets the same quality standards that you would expect from a new product.

With Cisco Refresh you can…

Genuine Cisco certified remanufactured products

How to buy Cisco Refresh

Available Inventory

Cisco’s new product lead times continue to be 180+ days while Cisco Refresh has plenty of inventory for next-day shipping. We’re helping customers get VOIP, collaboration, Catalyst and Nexus switching, routers, security, servers and all the other items in the Cisco product line.

Get a quote

To receive a quote for Cisco Refresh products you can reply to this email with your requests, and you’ll receive a quote and the current inventory snapshot in the same day. You can request a quote at  Or you can call our Refresh team at (415) 900-8111.